STING – STEM Teacher training innovation for Gender balance

Call: Erasmus+ 2014-1-ES01-KA201-003688
Period: 2014-2017

The STING project promotes the integration of gender awareness into STEM education using a modular teacher professional development program. The program has been developed as a toolkit that teacher trainers and teachers can use to raise gender awareness in STEM teaching and learning, as well as to support other teachers to build gender awareness into their professional practice.

Careers in STEM continue to be male-dominated. While making great strides in areas such as the Biological Sciences, in general, women continue to be under-represented and marginalised in areas such as Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, and Computer Science. Whilst women have made significant progress, they are still in the minority in most STEM disciplines, and the proportion of women tends to decrease as seniority / tenure increases.

DD408882Photo: © DigiDaan

Despite the fact that numbers of males and females participating in, and excelling at, science are roughly equal throughout primary and secondary school, fewer women enter STEM majors in college, and fewer still graduate with a STEM degree. The pattern continues as lower percentages of women pursue advanced degrees in STEM areas and fewer yet obtain jobs in STEM areas.

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